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January 4, 2019


Whenever someone asks me what I would say to God if when I died, it all ended up being true, I show them this by Stephen Fry

December 26, 2018


Canon Jesus vs. Fandom Jesus

December 24, 2018

A comment from an internet discussion board somewhere

November 23, 2018

There is a theory of life that states that all living things – from bacteria to countries – work to minimize the difference between their expectations and the data they collect.

There are many ways to do that, from simply ignoring contradictory data to actively seeking it in order to refine your models, and from accepting deltas as predictive failures to working to make predictions retroactively come to pass.

These different approaches compete. Failure to resolve discrepancies between expectations & measurements can result in physical or mental destruction, while winning strategies allow for more and more complex cells, organisms, and societies to form.

The success of religion can be viewed in this context. As a concept, "God did it" resolves any cognitive dissonance without requiring any action or change. Everything can be neatly and fully explained, regardless of circumstance or intellect.

That can have tremendous value as a failsafe. When confronted by the unthinkable, instead of falling into mental illness or mass hysteria one can say "God did it" and get on with things.

Of course, this has to be paired with continual improvement to predictive power or the failsafe becomes the norm, and the organism becomes a dead end.

Christians act as if their opposition to abortion is rooted in a religious belief. The Bible is very clear that you can execute your children for mere disobedience. Many Christians are pro-life despite the Bible, NOT beca

November 20, 2018


GOP Jesus – YouTube

November 13, 2018


Mike Pence’s plan to outlast Trump

August 29, 2018


“He is acting, in fact, as if he is on a mission from God. Some may laugh, but many conservative Christians believe that God is merely using Trump to prepare the way for a so-called true man of faith. ”

People who believe in Creationism are also more likely to be duped by Alex Jones — according to science

August 21, 2018


Preacher Kenneth Copeland: God Helped Me Heal Corrosion on My Private Jet

August 10, 2018


Understanding the Good Book

March 14, 2018